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detsember 03, 2006

Clooney is trying to be like my rabbit.

Clooney tahab vist väga olla nagu tema sõbranna Kupi-Liisa. Sööb selliseid koera jaoks mitte väga tavapäraseid asju. Peale porgandi armastab ta ka kohe väga väga õunu (nende nimel on ta nõus lausa erinavaid trikke tegema) ja käib vahetevahel jänese puurist samuti heina pätsamas.

Clooney is trying to be like his frend rabbit Kupi-Lisa. He eats food that is not traditional to the dogs. He likes carrots and apples so much that he can do different trick to get ones. Also sometimes he likes to eat hay from rabbit hutch :)
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Anonymous Secret Pal said...

He sure has gotten a lot bigger since his last picture...what a cutie! Asja, I have 4 dogs and all of them love carrots and apples, too.

P.S. A small package is on its way to you...which you should receive any day now.

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

My gosh, I *so* love your doggie - and Clooney is an amazing name ;) I think I've never come across a dog who likes carrots - but hey, he lives healthily, doesn't he? Thanks for sharing this lovely photo!

10:52 AM  

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